Prefer the train to the plane!

Air travel is the most climate-damaging variant of our modern means of mobility. Based on the internationally ratified climate treaty of Paris, each individual on earth is only allowed to emit 2300 kg of CO2 per year in order to meet the emission targets by 2030. Passengers travelling by air from Berlin to New York (and back) emit 3158 kg of CO2 per capita. Thus a journey produces more CO2 than one might consume in a year (!).

Compensate your flights

Of course, the most sustainable method is to avoid air travel altogether. In particular, we should avoid short-haul flights, which could just as easily be covered by train. If, however, it is not possible to do without air travel, we can at least fly climate neutrally by offsetting the resulting emissions. There are a number of organisations on whose homepage we can calculate the amount of CO2 caused by our journey. In addition a donation amount is determined, which is needed for the compensation of your emissions. The organisations invest your donation in projects such as the promotion of renewable energies, low-emission heating methods or the reforestation of global forests in order to compensate for the emissions caused.

You can use Atmosfair to compensate your flight

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