From July 11th to July 15th the Feel Festival took place at the Berheider See and we were there too! We had our stand open for four days and even held a workshop on Saturday. We met many people and were motivated by the creative and relaxed atmosphere of the festival and its visitors. 

Feel Festival :

Sustainability is very important to the Feel Festival. With its many workshops, hands-on activities and lectures on awareness-raising and social change, the Carlowitz Camp is dedicated to climate change.There will be a morning food sharing breakfast to share and protect food from decay.  From DIY workshops with plastic, to herbal walks, to lectures on climate justice, there was a program for each and everyone. Our stand was of course in this camp.

The garbage problem is also a concern of the festival. With about 20.000 visitors, a lot of garbage is produced. So, since last year, they have provided color-coded garbage containers to separate garbage and distributed free garbage bags at the festival entrance. They try to act according to the principle of “Leaving no trace” and to encourage their visitors to do the same.

Our stand and workshop:

We arrived one day earlierand set up our stand… with some larger pieces of trash we found on the festival site. This of course gave our Precious Plastik stand the final touch and fitted perfectly to our theme. It was a lot of fun to creatively turn trash into cosmically inspired decoration.

To get to our stand, people had to walk through our “thought carousel”. We had built a gate out of bamboo, with different questions on each column. Everybody could then write his answer on a piece of paper and hang it on a string with the help of a clothespin.They represented our online project “Matching System”.  The questions were tailored to the festival and asked the visitors about their favourite projects, important topics and everyday tips. Other questions should help the visitors to reflect: “What do you wish for our world?” “What are you grateful for?” We were very grateful for the many people who participated and gave us great recommendations! 

We had our collective art project up and running again. But this time on a fabric and visitors were allowed to sew their garbage with needle and thread. There were many spontaneous artworks. Many were enthusiastic about the concept of sewing, which is definitely more sustainable than gluing.

Furthermore, people were able to learn more about Gaia and the different projects and could also get hold of Precious Plastic necklaces and pendants. We were lucky to meet many wonderful and inspiring people, and to have exciting conversations about the environment and sustainability.

On Saturday our workshop took place and visitors could walk through our different stations. Additionally we had 10 sustainable items with us. It was instructive for the people but also for us.

The openness and interest of the people was heartwarming. We would like to thank everyone for these four wonderful days we could spend together under the summer sun, focusing on our most important topic and meeting inspiring people. With pleasure again!