Our Purpose


We envision a unified humanity that lives in peace and harmony while regenerating our planet. Our dream is that everyone gets the chance to pursue life’s purpose and reach their full potential by implementing practical solutions that help the collective to thrive. 


Our mission is to be an umbrella organisation for solution-oriented projects in the environmental, social and economical pillars of transformation that are related to the achievement of the SDGs. We want to serve as a catalyser to “think globally, but act locally”. 

The collective action in our network is based on three essential principles of grassroots democratic action.


In terms of values, transparency is associated with openness and honesty. Intangible transparency in particular plays an increasingly important role in today’s society. Transparency is our basis for trust.
You decide where your financial support goes!


Participation generally means to get active and actively engage in the development of the future. Only through participation of the individual a community can thrive.
We love proactivity and co-creators! There are always ways to contribute and get active.


All decisions of principle and framework are taken jointly in the Consensus, i.e. no one has a serious objection to the common goal. The respective team meets once a month for a few hours and makes these basic and framework decisions.