“The journey of thousand miles begins with one step.” – Lao Tzu 

The European Union will officially ban single-use plastic by 2021.

We think that we should not waste our time waiting to ban plastic from gastronomy and our daily lives. It is time to act now!

With our new campaign “plastic evolution” we want to raise awareness for the transition to a more sustainable future. Plastic should no longer be seen as a disposable product, but as the valuable resource which it is. Our goal is to offer restaurants and hotels biodegradable drinking straws made of potato starch as a better alternative to plastic.

We know that the best alternative would be no straw at all! Nevertheless, many gastronomic services won’t quit buying straws. The campaign, therefore, wants to ban disposable plastics and replace them with more sustainable alternatives. The proceeds will be donated by us to initiatives that are committed to the social and ecological development in our communities.

With each straw consumed, we donate 0,5 Cent for the creation and development of new projects. Every 3 month a new project can apply to get funding acquired from the “plastic revolution” campaign.

Registration time is open now. Leave us a message and share your heart project with us!


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