About the movement

Precious Plastic is a global movement driven by innovative individuals from all around the world. United we aim to tackle one of the most challenging environmental issues by recycling plastic waste and developing alternative solutions. The project was started in 2013 by Dave Hakkens and is now in its fourth iteration. It relies on a series of machines and tools which grind, melt, and inject recycled plastic, allowing for the creation of new products out of recycled plastic on a small scale. ​

How we started

At the age of 18 Lila, the founder of Gaia Protection, decided to build the first set of plastic recycling machines as a practical project with the technical college of Calle Blancos in San Jose, Costa Rica.

The technical college in Calle Blancos is known for its innovative and creative nature. Calle Blancos is also the only college in Costa Rica that teaches students with disabilities in technological engineering. 

The construction of the machines was guided by the teacher Jeffrey Lopez Garita. Lila came every Wednesday to the school and supported the development of the machines with workshops about environmental protection and the basics of plastic recycling. 

The first seed for many projects to follow was planted! 

Lebenshilfe Bamberg

Nowadays we are working successfully on a collaborative project with “Lebenshife e.V.” in Bamberg. This project is a gamechanger since we are now producing useful and innovative products, as well as creating inclusive jobs for people with special needs.

We are currently developing rulers, keychains and giving workshops at schools. A journey that is just getting started. It is an interesting and creative way of evolution! 

We are always looking for inspired sponsorss or partners who want to support us with the implementation of new ideas. Interested? Please reach out! 

Events & Workshops

Feel Festival

We recycled the festival’s plastic waste into new keychains that the visitors would remember for ever. Because education is key!

Finca Morpho

Here we had our first presentation and plastic recycling workshop at the Permaculture Farm Finca Morpho, Osa Peninsula.

Envision Festival

We recycled the plastic waste from the  Eco-festival Envision and turned the trash into colourful items and souvenirs.   

Kabe School

Lila worked as a teacher at Kabe School for 3 months and gave a circular economy workshop for students between 6 and 12 years. 

Ocaso Festival

Together with MTVFund we hosted  a PP workshop at Ocaso Festival showcasing our recycled music speakers prototype for the first time.