Detergent made of ivy and/or chestnuts

These natural products contain samponines (lat. sapo = soap) which contain exactly the same active ingredient as in washing powder but without surfactants.

Detergent with chestnut recipe


  • 8-10 Chestnuts
  • 1 glass of water


Wash chestnuts carefully from possible road dirt with water.

Chop chestnuts with a knife.

Place the small pieces of Castillaine overnight or in a glass of water for at least 2 hours until the liquid becomes milky.  The samponine contained in the chestnut dissolves as it soaks.

After the soaking time, pour off the milky foamy water. Your homemade detergent is ready! 

Put it in the dishwasher compartment of your washing machine as usual, for an additional good fragrance, put a few drops of fragrance oil in the fabric softener compartment and start your desired wash cycle.

Detergent with ivy


  • 10 ivy leaves
  • 1 laundry net
  • 1 tablespoon against limescale


1. Wash the leaves after picking.

2. Put them in a washing net and put them in the washing machine. If the water contains a lot of lime, put a tablespoon of 5 percent vinegar in the dishwasher compartment every few ivy washes.

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